Megan Rowden

Hey everyone, my name is Megan Rowden, I am married to Matt Rowden and have a beautiful son Kayden. Life is good!

Friday, March 26, 2010


So today is March 26th. Matt is going to be home in about 82 days and i am really excited. Things are starting to look up. I am working at a home health agency where I am a home health aide and now a BOS. I am so excited about being in the office to. I am in school again. I know, crazy me. It is alright though. I am really enjoying clinicals and things are going to be good this time around. I will get good grades in cardio. Kayden is growing and growing. He turns 3 in april. Good lord he is growing so fast. I am also a creative memories consultant to. I love it, i get to make scrapbooks and help others make scrap books. It is so fun. I love doing digital artwork. Every day I hang out with my good friend Kristy who also watches my son. She helps keep me sane and has become a great friend. I like the town I live in although small towns do have a way of making things up just to have small talk. who knows though it is a good town. Anyway I will try to make sure I keep posted on these blogs.