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Hey everyone, my name is Megan Rowden, I am married to Matt Rowden and have a beautiful son Kayden. Life is good!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

The huge gum ball

So today on our way home, I stopped at dollar general to get some milk, and kayden decided he wanted a pack of gum. Not just any gum but the zebra gum that has the tattoo stickers on each wrapper. So I thought what the heck and decided to get it for him. Of course, he had to be a big boy and hold it. I told him only one piece at a time and he told me ok and that he promised, I should have known better. 20 minutes later we pull up at the house and I look back and there he is with half the pack of gum in his mouth, and tattoos all over his face, arms, and everywhere else you could imagine. I wish I had batteries charged for the camera cause I would have loved to have that picture. I asked him, Kayden didn't mommy tell you only one piece at a time, and he says yes but the zebra told me I could have lots of pieces. I about died. So that was my experience today. His cheeks were so full and he was spotted from head to toe with blue zebras. He is so much like his father! LOL!

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